Riverside Cafe & Farm Shop


Riverside was founded on friendship and passion for creating amazing food from the best ingredients, that are reared and grown locally.

This ethos for food, grown and gathered locally, is what brought the Directors of Riverside together.

We are producers of local Pork, Lamb, Beef and even Honey – you can find these items on the menu in the restaurant and also for sale in the farm shop.

We want to connect people to the best food that’s produced locally and to the story of where their food has come from and the amazing people who grow and gather from the land to your plates.

Why buy local?

Boosts local economy.

Support local farms.

Less travel.

Less waste.

Fresher food.

Good for the soil.

Preserves open spaces.

Builds a more connected community.

The Riverside Cafe and Farm Shop is an essential place to visit not only for local people but also those travelling to and from the West Country.